CAt-Award 2001

Call center manageress of the year: Carita Vallinkoski

The successful call center manageress was responsible for the launch of the first alternative prepaid hotline in Austria. It was the largest outsourcing project in Austria. She was head of the best-in-class incoming hotline for five years and she built a team of 120 employees. Carita developed training concepts and strategies, she established 1st and 2nd level support as well as the back office and the technology team.

The goal was to make the klax.max.service line the best over-the-phone customer service of the mobile phone industry through excellent availability and perfectly qualified agents that represent the brand promise. The result: Carita’s team was mystery call test winner of all mobile phone hotlines in 15 out of 16 customer satisfaction measurements.

For this project, the outperformer was presented with the CAt-Award during the CallCenterWorld® 2001.