Competence Call Center Bucharest wins two awards at the Romanian Contact Center Awards 2012

Trainer Silviu Suditu and Sales Supervisor Ciprian Raducan have been awarded for being the best in their disciplines in Romania

The 8th Romanian Customer Care Conference and Expo, organized by Expo media (, took place at the Novotel Hotel in Bucharest in the middle of May. At the annual Romanian Contact Center Awards; the best call centers, projects and professionals in the industry are awarded for their achievements. In 2012 CCC Bucharest took home two trophies: one for “Best Trainer” and one for “Best Supervisor”. Silviu Suditu is responsible for introductory training and continuing education of 300 CCC employees in Romania since 2008. The 26-year-old has a degree in Contemporary History & English and a Masters in International Relations.

“CCC pays high attention on the comprehensive training and development of its employees. In addition, it is my personal goal to enhance the motivation and team cohesion in order to secure their long-term commitment. In addition to solid knowledge and training methods tailored to target groups, a positive attitude towards my employees is crucial. I am particularly pleased that my training concept has found favor with the jury and I can celebrate this achievement”, said a happy Silviu Suditu at the award ceremony at the Novotel in Bucharest.

Ciprian Raducan is also pleased with his award. Being a Sales Supervisor the economics student is responsible for some of the most important projects in CCC Bucharest.

“As a sales supervisor, it is especially important to motivate top performance in the team. For me,personal interactions with employees, regular and transparent communication and sincere appreciation for my team turned out to be the decisive success factors on my way. External awards like these are additional recognition for us and a motivation to continually give our best. I am delighted with this award and thank the team at CCC Bucharest very much! “, said Ciprian Raducan about the award.

In addition to the awards in 2012, CCC Bucharest has already received recognition as the “Best Call Center” (2009), for the highest national call center security standards (2011) and the successfulbusiness partnership with (2011).