Touring Club Schweiz and Competence Call Center have been awarded for the best contact center partnership in Switzerland

At the swiss contact day in Zurich the Touring Club Schweiz (TCS) and Competence Call Center (CCC) received the Golden Headset Award in the new category “Best Partnership”.

“Maintaining a relationship that is profitable for both sides –that´s what this new category is all about. The first winners of the Best Partnership Awards are a living example for that: As an outsourcing partner CCC is completely integrated like a fourth TCS location. The trust of the partner is rewarded daily, with high flexibility and very good quality results as well as a sales ratio of 30 percent and ongoing service improvements in the view of the TCS members”

, is how the jury explained their decision.

Since 2012, CCC offers high quality customer solutions to TCS. In Zurich, a team of 40 employees is currently responsible for the inquiries and the advice of the 1.6 million members of TCS.

In the coming year CCC will celebrate its 10th anniversary on the Swiss market.

Pierre-André Schnoz, Head of Contact Center Switzerland, TCS, was entrusted with the implementation of the project at CCC in his former position as Partner Manager:

“Due to our strong focus on quality we work with the best partners in Switzerland to offer the security and solution orientation that our name and brand have stood for, for almost 120 years. We want to offer a great customer experience in every single contact.With our partner CCC our members are in best hands. Our companies share the same high quality standards and the desire to provide the best service in every interaction. To achieve this award is a great confirmation of our achievements and a special common success.”

“I’m very happy about the joint award with TCS and want to express my gratitude to our partner and the team,” said the delighted Project Manager Margareta Kacoli. “We are an important strategic partner for the TCS, respectively for the Customer Interaction Center. With our partnership the TCS gains more flexibility in customer service. Our project is characterized by the fact that it is the priority of our agents to deliver a competent, qualitative advice to the customers. In addition we live a communicative and transparent business partnership.”

About the Touring Club Schweiz: 

With 1.6 million members the Touring Club Schweiz is the largest mobility club in the country. The non-profit association was founded in 1896 in Geneva and comprises 24 sections along with a headquarter. The satisfaction and support of its members is the clear priority for the TCS.


About the Golden Headset Award: 

The award recognizes the best ideas in the categories Innovation, Customer Focus and Best Partnership. In addition, the Hall of Fame is awarded in recognition of a lifetime achievement.

The award ceremony is held as evening celebration of the Swiss Contact Day. The aim is the development of the industry´s image and to further promote and publicize the professionalization of the contact center industry in Switzerland.