Competence Call Center honoured as SAP – BCM reference customer

Gregor Willenberg accepts CCC’s 17th award

As part of the Swiss SAP CRM Community Events on 13.11.2008 at SAP Regensdorf, the prize for the best SAP Customer Relationship Management (SAP CRM) and the best SAP Business Communications Management (SAP BCM) – Reference Customer 2008 was awarded to the winning customer.

This coveted honour of becoming “Swiss SAP BCM Reference Customer of the Year for 2008” went to Competence Call Center and was accepted on the company’s behalf by Gregor Willenberg, Competence Call Center IT manager.

“We really value the straightforward cooperation and trust we have enjoyed over many years with Competence Call Center. It is especially CCC’s warm, open and personal style and the tangible loyalty between our two companies which has brought SAP (Switzerland) to the conclusion that this year, the award should go to Competence Call Center. We also value the very professional reference activities which have been carried out with such great commitment, as well as the numerous joint marketing activities, which have contributed to promoting the issue of professional call center management,” said Hubert Schätzle, Business Development Manager SAP (Switzerland) AG.

“We’re thrilled about this award. Since 2001, SAP BCM has proved itself to be a very flexible and reliable VoIP solution. We have also been using SAP BCM at CCC Zurich since the company was founded in 2006. I particularly like our active cooperation and the flexibility of the solutions. This represents great added value – for us, for our staff and also for our clients,” said Gregor Willenberg about this latest award.

“I’m especially pleased that Gregor Willenberg accepted this prize on the company’s behalf. As IT manager, he has made a considerable contribution to the successful application of VoIP at Competence Call Center and as a consequence, has done a great deal towards the success of CCC. In Switzerland especially, where at CCC Zürich we have mapped numerous, highly complex Call Center issues, Gregor Willenberg and his team have ensured that our office there can continue to develop,” said Christian Legat, COO for Competence Call Center by way of congratulations.

The CCC success story:

CCC has been providing top class international award winning Call Center services since 1998. Whether with respect to incoming hotlines, outgoing campaigns or e-mail or postal communication with customers, we have proven our competence and fulfilled our promises on quality more than 100 million times. With over 2000 employees at 8 locations in 6 countries, CCC has so far received no less than 17 international awards for outstanding services in the field of professional telephone customer communication.