World’s best contact center leader comes from Austria

Gold for Competence Call Center manageress Carita Vallinkoski

Las Vegas/Vienna – At the Contact Center World Conference 2006 in Las Vegas, Carita Vallinkoski (35) of Competence Call Center (CCC) was awarded the title “Best Contact Center Leader in the World” by an international jury of experts. The jury was won over by Vallinkoski’s managerial efforts the CCC sites in Vienna and Bratislava and by her commitment to her employees and the call center industry. Vallinkoski, who is originally form Finland, has been managing the two CCC sites in Vienna and Bratislava from the beginning and manages more than 600 employees. For 12 years, she has been considered a leading figure in the call center industry

“Carita Vallinkoski is an outstanding and exceptional manager and she sets a good examples that goes far beyond our industry”, says Thomas Kloibhofer, CEO of Competence Call Center AG, who now has 1,000 employees in 5 branches. “For CCC, this award confirms to us that quality of service should be regarded as our highest good. It provides us with support for our ambitious plans for the coming years.”

The award was presented to the beaming winner as part of the first World Final at the Contact Center World Gala in Las Vegas. “It is a great honour for me to be able to use this world championship title to show the world the high quality of our work and how much effort we spend on improving it further, to live and demonstrate an excellent level of customer care and quality”, Carita Vallinkoski added.

“I am lucky enough to have a job that never feels like I am actually doing work. Rather, I share plenty of passion, happiness, enthusiasm, success, competition, focus on performance and team spirit with wonderful, young and talented people. This makes me very happy and proud. To compete for international awards and winning them for our team at CCC means that I can return something valuable to all CCC employees for their outstanding achievements and their commitment. If every single person knows and is proud that we are one of the best – and this time on an international level – then you know what it is that gives me strength and happiness every day. These people and their day-to-day successes are what motivates me. I will therefore always give it my best for my teams.”

The CCC success story

CCC was founded on 1 July 1998 by Thomas Kloibhofer. The company offers internationally recognised call center services at the highest level. In such areas as incoming hotlines, outgoing campaigns, e-mail communication and written customer communication, CCC has kept its promise more than 40 million times, and it has demonstrated the competence of CCC agents in customer dialogue. With more than 1,000 CCC employees at 5 sites (Berlin, Bratislava, Vienna, Linz and Zurich) and in 4 countries (Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Slovakia), CCC has already received 14 international awards for outstanding achievements in call center management and in professional customer service over the phone. In 2006, CCC bought the call centers of Nestl© Nespresso in Zurich and SkyEurope in Bratislava, thus confirming the company’s growth strategy