Competence Call Center distinguished as EMEA Champion

Two silver awards for CCC Bucharest and CCC Vienna at the World Contact Center Awards in London

On 19 June 2008, call center personalities from the EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) economic region were recognised for their extraordinary performance during the Contact Center World Conference in London. Right from the start, CCC was honoured with two silver awards as well as an international certificate as EMEA champion. CCC Vienna received the World Contact Center Award in silver for its especially successful and close collaboration with its client Telekom Austria. The 26-member jury recognised the development and ongoing optimisation of customer loyalty projects and highlighted the resulting passionate realisation of their joint projects. “The successes of the last eight years are the result of the tremendous efforts and intensive involvement of the outsourcing team by Telekom Austria as well as the motivation and ongoing Champions League training and instruction programmes in Outbound Business on the part of CCC”, says Anita Wilson, Call Center Manageress, CCC Vienna about the award. “We are very proud of the award. It expresses that which unifies our companies and our teams: The highest commitment to quality, precision and reliability,” says Martin Schmutz, head of the private & professional customers department, Telekom Austria. “The award for Best Outsourcing Partnership is therefore especially dear to our hearts since it stands for the intense exchange and teamwork of our business relationships. We are very pleased to celebrate, together with Telekom Austria, this international distinction honouring our extremely successful, professional and exceptionally effective business relationship,” remarks CCC CEO Thomas Kloibhofer.

Best Sales Agent Award for CCC Bucharest

In addition to CCC Vienna, CCC Bucharest also took home an award, the World Contact Center Award in silver for best contact center sales agent. This award is conferred on service professionals who achieve exceptional sales results, thus providing both the customer and the client with an impressive commitment.

“Great companies have great employees. I am proud that CCC is full of committed and competent employees who are also among the best in international competition. These awards serve as confirmation for our employees, our corporate culture and our philosophy,” says CCC board member Thomas Kloibhofer.

Best Customer Service Agent” Certificate for CCC Bratislava

In addition to the two awards for CCC Vienna and CCC Bucharest, there was also cause for celebration at CCC Bratislava: Zuzana Kubicová, call center agent at CCC Bratislava, was honoured with a certificate at the Contact Center World Forum for her exceptional performance as a service professional. With this certificate, Zuzana Kubicová is among the best call center agents in the entire EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) region. The president of the Contact Center World Conference Raj Wadhwani congratulated the committed call center employee on her role model function on the team, her passion for customer service and her result-oriented attitude.

“We are very proud of Zusana and her amazing successes on the team,” says Ingrida Kúnová, project manager at CCC Bratislava. “Zusana wows customers and clients alike with her drive, her ambition and the pleasure she derives from customer service and passes on to all of us,” says Ingrida Kúnová.

Zuzana Kubicová holds the internal reservations record for the client SkyEurope Airlines. “Whenever I am able to further assist a customer and my caller is satisfied, I have the feeling that I have been able to contribute to making the world a little bit better. Positive customer feedback makes me happy and gives me even more energy for my work,” says Zuzana Kubicová about her duty as a CCC service professional.

“For SkyEurope, a highly professional call center is of tremendous importance in sales and customer management. By outsourcing to one of the most successful call center companies, we have been able to further enhance the quality and efficiency of the SkyEurope reservation center and offer our customers even better service. I congratulate Zuzana Kubicová on her international certificate and Marin Cosmin on his award and am pleased that the elite of call center employees is serving our customers,” says Steven Greenway, CCO of SkyEurope Airlines.