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As dynamically growing and internationally operating company, we are looking for employees who are highly customer-oriented and motivated and would also like to support us in achieving and developing high quality standards for our customer service.

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With our international locations in Aachen, Barcelona, Berlin, Biel, Braşov, Bratislava, Bucharest, Gdansk, Dortmund, Dresden, Duisburg, Essen, Istanbul, Izmir, Leipzig, Paris, Riga, Sarajevo and Vienna, we offer you the right support for your start at CCC. As a new colleague, you can expect intensive training and coaching with our CCC Campus to prepare yourself perfectly for your new job as a service professional.

Due to the good economic situation of CCC, we will be training many new service professionals at all CCC locations in the next few weeks.

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  • Aachen

In November 2018, CCC founded its 9th German location in Aachen, a very young, progressive city with 55,000 students at four excellent universities.
In addition, the border with Belgium and the Netherlands offers linguistic diversity and access to new markets.
The location on Jülicher Street is ideally located and can be easily reached from both the surrounding area and the nearby city center.

  • Barcelona

In Barcelona, CCC founds its first location in Spain in May 2018.
Barcelona is the cultural center and the largest economic region in the country, with a strong service sector.
We find excellent employees here and can map not only the official languages but also a wealth of other European languages.

  • Berlin

The German capital attracts artists as well as international stars. In 2001, Berlin was the first place CCC expanded to. In the Spreespeicher, built in 1913, the CCC team works on several floors overlooking the river Spree, close to the East Side Gallery in the Friedrichshain district.
In 2011, CCC opened the second Berlin location in the Prenzlauer Berg district. In the Goldpunkthaus – a bright and spacious 1940s brick house – CCC found a new home right on the historical Greifswalder Straße.

  • Biel

High quality awareness and strong innovative energy are typical for Biel, the city of watchmakers. The peoples’ work ethic is reflected by the high-grade products that are created here. The city’s pronounced bilingualism, its central situation within Switzerland and the large pool of qualified employees led CCC to Biel in 2016.

  • Brasov

The Romance languages as well as German are highly available in Brașov. This led CCC to open its second Romanian location in Brașov in 2014. CCC‘s offices are situated in the Carpatex building complex. Its central situation offers perfect connections to public transport and access to a comprehensive local supply range.

  • Bratislava

Bratislava is not only home to numerous universities, museums, and theatres, as well as the country’s most important economic, cultural and scientific institutions, but also to a CCC team. When CCC expanded to the Slovak capital in 2006, it left its mother-tongue comfort zone for the first time and entered a new language area – with great success.

  • Bucharest

In 2007, CCC expanded to Romania’s most important economic centre: Bucharest, also called the “Paris of the East”. On the Boulevard Basarabia, CCC found the perfect premises for its Romanian team.

  • Dortmund

The city in the Ruhr area is a trade centre as well as an important service and technology hub. Dortmund is home to numerous colleges and scientific institutions, as well as 50,000 higher-education students. As a transport hub and economic centre, Dortmund has been an attractive location for CCC partners and employees alike since 2015.

  • Dresden

The Dresden Spitzenmanufaktur, an adapted factory building partly still used for lace manufacturing, exerts great attraction on international artists as well as production and communication businesses. In keeping with Dresden lace’s high quality standards, CCC has been offering high-quality communication from this site since 2011. CCC’s three bright, loft-like floors offer a most beautiful view of the Elbe valley.

  • Duisburg

The new location Duisburg offers excellent prerequisites for the further CCC Espansion due to its very good pool of employees,
outstanding accessibility and the proximity to the existing locations in the Ruhr area.
Centrally located right next to the underground station König Heinrich Platz and the popular sculpture Life saver,
the new CCC location with its ideal transport connections and challenging tasks offers an attractive offer for the new CCC team.

  • Essen

The Ruhr area with its more than 5 million inhabitants is the largest agglomeration in Germany, and the third-largest in Europe. As a significant industrial and university site, Essen – a metropolis in the centre of the Ruhr area – is perfectly suited to be the home of a CCC office. CCC moved into an entire building next to the Essen-West city train station in 2013.

  • Gdańsk

Danzig, Poland’s most important seaport, is situated on the Baltic Sea, about 350 km to the northwest of Warsaw. The size of the market, the excellent economic growth and the people’s very good level of education convinced CCC to open a new location here in 2014. On the fifth floor of the Olivia Four building you will find CCC. From here, the panoramic view of the city is breathtaking.

  • Istanbul

Istanbul is the only big city in the world that spans two continents. The Kağıthane district in the North of the city used to be characterized by paper manufacturing. Since 2008, the paperless CCC office situated here has been a flagship of modern office architecture. A break on our wonderful rooftop terrace recharges your batteries with a unique panoramic view of Istanbul.

  • Izmir

Izmir, Turkey’s third-largest city, became CCC’s second location in the country in 2015. The CCC office situated in the Buca district is very well connected to the airport and the city centre and is situated right next to the Dokuz Eylul University.

  • Leipzig

In Leipzig, tradition meets dynamics, and everything in this unique city seems to be right in the centre. A very open-minded atmosphere offers a lot of room for creative new ideas. Today the Leipzig cotton mill, opened in 1885 in the Plagwitz district, houses galleries and artistic space for painting, photography and art installations. In 2007, CCC brought the art of customer communication into these inspiring surroundings.

  • Paris

Savoir-vivre – a preference for individuality, enjoyment and the beautiful things in life like art, music, culture, and fashion, can be felt on every corner. In 2011, the high art of customer communication moved to vibrant Paris with CCC.

  • Riga

The Baltics is the site of the third CCC expansion in 2018. In Riga, the capital of Latvia, CCC moves into a historic Art Nouveau building in the city center in October 2018. The old Hanseatic city is a bridge between Europe, Russia and Scandinavia. In addition to well-known universities, the city
also has a wide range of cultural offerings.

  • Sarajevo

The recent CCC expansion leads to the Balkans, the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina.
The location of the CCC Sarajevo, on the place of international friendship, offers excellent accessibility
ot the city center and the international airport.
Surrounded by numerous possibilities of local supply, the modern loft office is located in one of the
emerging districts of Sarajevo.

  • Vienna

In Vienna’s Margareten district, the foundation was laid for CCC’s unique history in 1998. In a former art printing shop for theatre programmes and postcards, CCC welcomes its international partners in a setting of impressive industrial architecture.

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