Daniel SteinkrügerProject Management, Essen

Daniel joined the team in February 2014. Since then, he has evolved from an agent through various positions to Project Manager.

Julia BeckerHuman Resources, Essen

Julia had already gained call center experience when she started. After one year she was able to fulfill her dream and support us as a recruiter.

Sascha PrillOperations Management, Berlin

Sascha joined our team in July 2008. He was able to witness the launch of new projects and prove himself in various positions as a coach, quality manager and coach.

Dana WaschkHuman Resources Management, Berlin

The success story of Dana begins in Berlin as a customer consultant, in 2004. Meanwhile, Dana looks back on many years as HR Manager for all locations.

Saskia BrezinskiTeam Management, Dortmund

Saskia has been a team member since the opening of Dortmund in autumn 2015. The development of the employees is particularly important to her.

Mike GruhneQuality Management, Leipzig

Quality manager Mike Gruhne tells you about his impressive career in Leipzig.
He started working there in 2008.

Asena DemirHuman Resources Management, Izmir

From Turkey to Austria and back: Hear the international success story of our Human Resources Manager in Izmir, Asena Demir.

Paweł WałdochTeam Management, Gdansk

Communication skills, negotiation skills and language skills distinguish Paweł Wałdoch. Thereby, he gets to know people all over Europe.

Vladyslav IavorskyiTeam Management, Gdansk

Service Agent, Realtime Manager, Backoffice Team Manager, Health and Security Officer: Vladyslav Iavorskyi has shown his skills in many different jobs.