Consistent service quality and lower costs – How to use TELUS International Bestshoring to save up to 20%

BESTshoring – the next dimension of communication


TELUS International BESTshoring is a value-oriented positioning of call center services.


“Customer segmentation can now be implemented cost-effectively in the call center,”

says Peter Kloibhofer, Customer Relations Management, TELUS International.


Individual customer segments or topics can be serviced differently.

Customers with the highest added value potential in the home country (onshoring) and those customers with lower value creation potential in the foreign language neighboring country (nearshoring).

For example, customer service for customer segment A will continue to take place in Germany, customer segment B for German-speaking employees in Slovakia, and written questions will be answered by German-speaking employees in Istanbul. BESTshoring has the advantage that you address your end customers exactly according to their needs; in contrast to nearshoring, which focuses on a purely cost-oriented approach.

“In order to be able to offer BESTshoring it is important to ensure the right mix of call center locations” adds Kloibhofer, only the right mix of onshoring and nearshoring will result in your TELUS International BESTshoring.

“With call volumes starting from 50 agent positions, you play it safe with the TELUS International BESTshoring strategy: You have one contact person in your home country and in your native language. A single, professional and specialized call center service provider with consistently high transnational standards take over the management and provides the services for you. The solution comes from a single source and with its quality promise; a Project Manager forms the ‘One face to the Customer’.