As a Full Service Provider this enables TELUS International to provide complete omni-channel solutions that include all the contact channels of state-of-the-art customer service. Our dedicated in-house IT development team enables tailor-made solutions based on your individual requirements, also taking into account your corporate identity.


  • Telephony

Our voice team implements the most appropriate solution for you. Customized reports and monitoring deliver maximum transparency in day-to-day business. Additional features such as call-back in queue, click-to-call, call-out surveys, outbound campaign management and comprehensive contact analyses are integrated as needed. Upon request, there is also the possibility of integration into your existing telephony solution.


  • E-Mail

TELUS International either uses your existing e-mail solution, but alternatively, if required, brings a fully functional system into the partnership. The integration of a contact form in your homepage is also possible.

Live Chat

  • Live Chat

TELUS International has an existing solution that enables both pro-active and re-active use of chat. In addition, TELUS International also likes to support specific customer service processes via video chat, such as the video identification procedure.

Social Media

  • Social Media

A significant proportion of customer inquiries are via social media. The contact channel is particularly fast, immediate and provides the opportunity to reach multiple customers at the same time and thus shape your corporate image dynamically.

Message services

  • Message services

TELUS International helps you to expand your contact channel portfolio in terms of both technical implementation and operational implementation based on existing, extensive experience.


  • AI

TELUS International develops an individualized neural network that can be integrated into your homepage, for example, as a dynamic online FAQ or as an intelligent contact form. The direct link with additional customer touchpoints such as chat, your app or e-mail will be implemented on request.