CCC presents management book for a positive experience in the contact center

The customer service culture is in transition. While until recently it was enough for companies to respond to customers, companies are now increasingly expected to be proactive in their striving to generate happy customer service experiences. In this book “Best Customer InterACTion”, you can find out how, in the age of multichannel and social media, you can generate exceptional customer experiences, and what measures you can take to win over the hearts of customers and proactively maintain sustainable customer relations.

The best international case studies, expert statements and industry trends: this book provides a glimpse into the challenges and drivers of the different industries and delivers exclusive insights into companies who are one step ahead when it comes to positive customer interactions in the contact center. The CCC book Reloaded “Best Customer InterACTion – Creating exceptional Customer Experience in the Contact Center” tells you what customers want, how to master the balancing act between costs and quality, and how you can use simple principles to create, design and assess outstanding customer and employee satisfaction

  »The contact center becomes a virtual association of knowledge, empathy and emotions. Welcome to contact center 3.0!«( Roger Meili, “Best Customer InterACTion” )

Outsourcing models used by renowned international companies will be presented from seven branches of industry. Customer care managers from Ryanair, SKY, Vaillant, Zalando etc., will be speaking about their considerable experience in this field.

Prominent figures such as former Amazon manager Bill Price, best-selling author Arne Gillert and senior partner at Ernst and Young France Thierry Muller have given their support to the project and are making a valuable contribution to the CCC book.

Experts in the customer care sector Bob Murray, Manfred Stockmann, Vincent Vanden Bossche or Madalina Vilau will be taking a look at future customer service trends.