CCC Hero Romy – Agent of the Black Figures

Invoice receipts, invoice dispatches and multitudes of figures and currencies – where ordinary people quickly lose sight because they’ve been dreading maths since they’ve been to school, there are certain kinds of people who just thrive among all of these things: the Finance Agents.

Our CCC Hero Romy is one of these super agents and reveals her exceptional skills in daily close combat with figures and tables.

She proved herself a specialist in interrogation when it comes to faulty formulas and arithmetic’s. No result is safe from her eagle eyes and no calculation is final without her review. She creates all kinds of analyses, surveys, and settlements for the monthly statement with her outstanding tactical skills. It really takes masterly acrobatic performance to be responsible for three locations at once. Balancing Leipzig and Dresden might not seem much of a feat, geographically speaking, but a leap to Essen takes strength of Olympic dimensions. But it’s this fact in particular that would even impress Stan Lee.

Romy’s story shows that each and every employee can become an everyday hero, if they continually come through for our customers and the fulfillment of their wishes. Even if, unlike our CCC Hero Romy, you never quite mastered complex mathematics, you can become part of our dynamic team. If you have strong communication skills and just love to make people even a tiny bit happier, then here’s our offer for you: Apply to one of our many advertised jobs and show us your super powers! As well as a challenging occupation (inbound) in an international company you’ll of course receive an extensive product training and thorough practice. For a little bit of extra motivation we offer free drinks such as coffee and tea as well as a regular generous helping of free fruit.


Apply now and become part of our team! We can’t wait to hear from you.