20 years CCC

  • 22 June 2018
20 years CCC

After the CCC Convention, there was an important celebration: on the occasion of the 20th Anniversary of CCC, more than 150 business partners, customers and friends came to the Gloriette in Schönbrunn Palace Park to toast two decades of service revolution. Partners from all over Europe could once again become part of the CCC success story and celebrate further expansions.


CEO Christian Legat announced that CCC will soon open the 20th CCC location, and he thanked the loyal partners and welcomed new clients from different industries.


The company, founded on 1st July 1998 in Vienna, now has over 6,500 employees in 9 countries. “And the story of success will continue,” promises the passionate CEO, who is also celebrating his 20th anniversary at CCC.


The new member of the CCC Hall of Fame, the 2018 winner of the Special Award, Raj Whadwani from Canada, who was previously honored at the 21st CCC Convention after the lecture series, was also celebrated.