Call Center Manager Filip Kanikowski enlarges team in CCC Gdansk, Poland

  • 15 June 2015
  • Marianne Rutrecht
Call Center Manager Filip Kanikowski enlarges team in CCC Gdansk, Poland

In spring 2014, CCC opened its location in Gdansk, Poland. Call Center Manager Filip Kanikowski is currently working with a team of 200 employees, and he is looking for further dedicated talents. Positions are available in consulting, training or reporting, among others.


“Since the locations’ opening, we have reached some important milestones with our team. CCC Gdansk was EN certified last year. At the end of 2014, we had as much as 150 employees. We started out successfully with existing CCC customers and are currently talking to further potential partners to expand our local and international business. We look forward to welcoming many new members in our team for the upcoming expansion and for exciting projects in industries such as tourism or e-commerce”,

says Filip Kanikowski.


The Call Center Manager has been involved in the build-up and growth of the Polish CCC location from the start. Until taking over the position of Call Center Manager, he successfully supervised the first international partner in Gdansk as a project manager. Filip Kanikowski has over 10 years of experience in customer service outsourcing projects for different industries such as telecommunications and aviation. He has also acquired comprehensive knowledge in quality and performance management, IT Service Desk and the implementation of certification processes and strategies.



About CCC Gdansk:

Since March 2014, the European BPO service provider CCC (Competence Call Center) is active in Poland in addition to Germany, France, Austria, Romania, Switzerland, Slovakia and Turkey.

The size of the market, excellent economic growth and the excellent level of education and training of the population were factors in favor of Poland as an attractive business location.

CCC Gdansk offers high quality customer service solutions for national and international partners.


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