CCC opens up its second Swiss location in Biel

  • 10 February 2016
CCC opens up its second Swiss location in Biel

Starting May 2016 Competence Call Center (CCC) will be active at its new location in Biel.

Together with the location in Zurich that was founded in 2005, CCC will be operating at two Swiss locations.

CCC plans to grow to 150 employees in the first 12 months, the following expansion to a team of around 250 is planned.

„For Biel, the city of clockmakers, a very high quality level as well as a strong innovative capacity is significant. The works ethics of the population becomes visible in the high-value products that are produced in Biel. We are looking forward to working with our new employees and to the common ramp-up in Biel”, says Christian Legat, CEO, CCC.

Biel has grown by almost 10% in the past 10 years. Biel is the second biggest city in the Swiss canton Bern and the second biggest bi-lingual city of the country. In addition Biel has several colleges.

„Biel is located on the language border and offers a distinctive multilingualism in German and French. The central location within Switzerland offers the perfect accessibility from all parts of the country. In Biel we find employees with relevant experience to provide first-class customer service for our partners”, adds Ulf Herbrechter, COO, CCC.

Internationally CCC offers Customer Service solutions of the highest level at 16 locations in 8 countries (Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Slovakia, Romania, Turkey, France and Poland)

In 2015 locations in Izmir, Turkey and Dortmund, Germany have been opened.

The CCC Team was awarded with 50 international Awards, amongst others the Swiss Golden Headset Award 2014 for the cooperation with the Touring Club Switzerland.

“A strong and important sign for Biel”

The City President of Biel, Erich Fehr is happy about the settlement of CCC and says:

“Thanks to its Multilingualism Biel is the ideal location for an international service provider like CCC. In the current global economics environment the decision of CCC for Biel is a strong an important sign. Thanks to the engagement of the urban promotion of economic development it was possible to offer CCC different attractive premises. I am happy that CCC decided in favor for the city center of Biel.”

At the official press conference with City President Erich Fehr Christian Legat and Urs Schmid, Call Center Management CCC Zurich, introduced the plans at the new location.

From now on, interested parties are invited to find information about vacancies at the CCC location (Nidaugasse 35, 2502 Biel) by visiting