CCC with new location in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

  • 22 October 2018
CCC with new location in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

In October 2018 CCC starts its operative business in Sarajevo. As a first step we build a team of 200 employees at the site.

The young, dynamic team will initially serve for existing retail customers.

In the long term, it serves the local and international market, as well as supporting the growth of existing partnerships through first-class customer service. An exclusive office building in the heart of the city, the place of international friendship (Trg međunarodnog prijateljstva), offers the CCC team excellent working conditions.


Sarajevo is a unique location due to its large population, over 600,000 people live in the region, as well as its economic and political importance. There is a high linguistic diversity, well-known universities and the educational level is excellent.


„In addition, the central location in Southeastern Europe and the excellent accessibility with regular direct connections to Vienna, Munich, Zurich, are a great value for the economic region of Sarajevo. We look forward to working with our new employees and building the site together, “

says Ulf Herbrechter, COO of the company.


The expansion into Bosnia and Herzegovina will strengthen the existing presence in Southeastern Europe.


Interested parties can apply any time to CCC at or


About CCC:

In the future, CCC will offer customer care solutions at 21 locations in 11 countries at the highest level – in more than 30 languages.


For incoming calls, outgoing campaigns, in written customer communication via e-mail, chat and social media as well as back-office activities, CCC has more than 20 years of experience.