Charity Calendar – December 30, 2020

  • 15 December 2020
  • Barbora Košecová
Charity Calendar – December 30, 2020

Our next supported non-profit organization is active throughout Germany but focuses mainly on the Dortmund and Ruhr area, as the donors strongly identify with their home region. That’s probably one of the reasons why our colleagues from CCC Dortmund chose exactly this foundation to receive the donation of 2,000 EUR in this year’s Charity Calendar.

Die Stiftung Kinderglück” (The Children’s Happiness Foundation) is based on the firm belief of the founders Susanne and Bernd Krispin that all children and young people should grow up carefree and get all support they need. As they say: “We support children and young people whose journey into the world began with stumbling.” Especially in these difficult pandemic times, their work is a ray of light for children who have gotten into complicated life situations through no fault of their own.

The work of the organization is based on two pillars: they develop and realizes their own projects and in addition, serve as a child support network, directly cooperating with institutions like youth welfare offices, children’s clinics and hospices, schools, etc. The numbers are impressive: 10 own projects, more than 250 volunteers involved, over 100 cooperating organizations, beyond 500 supporting specialists like teachers, social workers and doctors – and as a result: 10,000 supported children every year.

To mention at least a few of their own amazing projects:

  • School backpack project: up to 2,000 backpacks are distributed every year to first graders from Dortmund and surrounding, who would otherwise stand in front of the school gate with a plastic or cloth bag on their first day of school
  • KiTaletics: movement promotion project for day care children to get active under the playful guidance of trained trainers (a little bonus for you: due to the current situation, the exercise can‘t be done in day cares, so they went online and all of us can make use of their videos – so if you want to get moving with your little ones, try this:
  • Vacation sponsorships: many of the supported children have rarely or never been beyond their city limits and trips to cinema, zoo or vacation stays are just unattainable wishes to them – and that’s exactly that’s what the foundation does: making these wishes come true

If you want to read more about their fascinating work and other projects, visit their website or follow them on social media. And if you want to “help them to help”, they’ll be thankful for every contribution: