Charity Calendar – December 28, 2020

  • 15 December 2020
  • Barbora Košecová
Charity Calendar – December 28, 2020

With almost 50% of all votes, our colleagues from CCC Aachen chose to support a non-profit organization “TSV Arche Euregio Aachen e.V.” in this year’s Charity Calendar.

This Christian animal welfare organization takes care of old, sick and no longer wanted animals and enables them to spend the rest of their lives in good conditions. The animal sanctuary in the Aachen city region is a home to sheep, ducks, chickens, horses and cats and is run entirely on a voluntary basis.

There’s a beautiful idea behind this whole project: “Every living being deserves to age with dignity and then to walk peacefully over the rainbow bridge.” Unfortunately, too often animals are simply given away, abandoned or exchanged when they get old and therefore sometimes “difficult”.

It was in 1977, when four couples got together and reflected on the possibilities to improve the misery of animals in the Aachen region and the surrounding area. The circumstances of how many animals were treated at that time were disastrous. Worst conditions of all had the animals from the agricultural sector, whose protection was not taken care of at all. Animal protection was, if at all, carried out exclusively to protect dogs and cats. All in all, the result of the meeting was the foundation of the “Arche” and hence old, sick and difficult-to-place animals have gained an oasis, where they are looked after and accompanied until their natural death.

To support this great idea, CCC donates 2,000 EUR to the “Arche”. If you wish to contribute too and help them in taking care of the animals in need, there are various possibilities – you can become a volunteer, sponsor some specific animals or support them financially, for example here: or here: