Charity Calendar – December 2, 2020

  • 02 December 2020
  • Barbora Košecová
Charity Calendar – December 2, 2020

We’re pleased to introduce you the first one of the non-profit organizations that will receive the Charity Calendar donation from CCC this year.

The winner of the voting in Barcelona is “Banc dels Aliments” (Food Bank) and CCC is happy to support the organization with the donation of 2,000 EUR!

Main objectives of this non-profit organization are to fight against waste by recovering food surpluses suitable for human consumption and to fight poverty by bringing recovered food to people in a situation of food insecurity.

One of the two basic axes of the Food Bank’s action is to combat food waste. The Banc dels Aliments is a pioneer in this task in Catalonia, as it has been doing so for more than 30 years. To do so, it has established several Food Recovery Programs in the different channels of production, distribution and food consumption centres. Food is recovered and used, as long as they meet the food safety requirements. Some of inspiring examples are e.g. collection of cooked but not served food from fairs and events, recovery of food declined by supermarkets or transformation of fruit into juices.

The second part is distributing food to the people in need through the network of social initiative entities in the Barcelona region. In 2019, almost 113,000 people were served food through the Food Bank in average every month. This year, situation is even more difficult as thousands of families have lost their jobs due to Covid-19 and the demand for help has increased already by 40%!

If you’d like to support the activities of the Banc dels Aliments with a contribution, you can donate here:

To discover more options how to help the organization, visit their website or follow their social media channels.

Thank you!