Charity Calendar – December 23, 2020

  • 15 December 2020
  • Barbora Košecová
Charity Calendar – December 23, 2020

The voting in our location in Bucharest was dramatic till the last moment – one single vote finally decided about the winner and recipient of this year’s donation of 10,000 RON within the CCC Charity Calendar, the non-profit organization “Green Dog”.

This small local association from Giurgiu in Romania was founded in 2007 with a mission to rescue stray dogs and find new homes for them.

It all began with the first dog, rescued from an animal shelter where it was supposed to be euthanized. Even though being old and blind, the lucky fella gained 8 more satisfied years to live. Since then, many other dogs and puppies were saved from euthanasia, from the fields, roads and various other urgent situations. They were all taken in, fed, cared for and socialized for adoptions into responsible families.

But there are still many more waiting for help! Currently, there are more than 300 dogs (and actually also 13 cats) at Green Dog looking for new homes. If you want to be a part of it, there are numerous ways how you can help:

  • Foster or adopt: you can offer one of the rescued souls a new home or become it’s foster parent until adoption.
  • Like and share: the organization’s posts on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter – the more people share the stories, the higher the chances of adoption for one of the strays.
  • Volunteer: promoting the cases, participating in the events, helping taking care of the animals … but also various particular skills like marketing or IT can be of great use.
  • Buy: you can purchase something nice from the organization’s little online shop.
  • Donate: financial as well as material help is very welcome – already 3 RON (less than 1 EUR) can buy 1 kg of food for the dogs!

If you wish to support financially, you can do so through an online donation platform, via Paypal ( or via bank transfer (ASOCIATIA PENTRU DEZVOLTARE COMUNITARA EMA; RON account: RO96PIRB4224733796001000; EUR account: RO62PIRB4224733796002000; FIRST BANK REVOLUT 0722639940).