"Inspiring Customer Service" - International Speakers about digital customer service trends at the 19th CCC Convention

  • 10 October 2016

More than 100 international guests followed the invitation of CCC to Vienna to be inspired by exceptional customer service concepts in the digital age.
Maria Hoffrichter-Zanetti, CCC Communications Management, warmly welcomed the participants in the Studio 44.
Heather White, Business Advisor and Coach from Canada led through the program as a moderator. In her introductory presentation “Leading the Millennial Generation” she gave an insight on the characteristics of the Generation Y.

They are inspired by freedom and passion; they want flexibility and balance between work and leisure. It is important for them to be connected to their peers and to make a contribution to the society. Heather White promoted to focus on what the Millennials can bring in and what we can learn from each other.


Katharina Büeler, customer centricity, Axas AG, Switzerland
“How enthusiastic employees inspire customers and vice versa”

Katharina Büeler was Touchpoint Manager of the Swiss Federal Railways SBB AG.
In this function, the experienced Customer Experience and Change expert lead the strategic project “Anchoring the customer’ view”, which she presented at the CCC Convention. To improve the customer experience many areas were optimized at the SBB, such as: the contact center, the complaint management and the topic RailClean for which cleaners were asked to share their ideas on how to improve customer satisfaction in workshops.

Katharina Büeler looked at those areas of contact with “the customer’s glasses”, optimized them accordingly to the customer perception and inspired both the employees and the managers to achieve this cultural change – from the inside to the outside view, from top-down to bottom-up. Engaging the employees was the key to success.
With these actions the customers and their needs moved in the center of attention.


Ilham Guggenheim, Chief Digital Officer, Akka DS, France
“Customer experience in a digital world”

In her presentation Ilham Guggenheim described digitization as part of the fourth industrial revolution. It is a revolution of the societies, as reflected in the use and adaptation of new digital tools. Today, for example, every user checks his smartphone on average 150 times a day. Together with the change of the society, there was a paradigm shift from Single- via Multi-, Cross- to today’s Omni-Channel.

According to Ilham Guggenheim hHhundreds of micro-moments make the customer journey. The expert recommends to identify them and work on improving the “Pain points”. To do so, the entire organization should be involved and both top-down and bottom-up combined.
In a Case Study Ilham Guggenheim showed the success story of Auchan, one of the largest supermarket and hypermarket chains in France. Auchan established the Drive concept, a new distribution channel between e-commerce and traditional shopping.


Raluca Radu, Country Manager, Answear.ro, Romania
“Delivering a premium customer experience in e-commerce”

Raluca Radu gave a deep insight into the Romanian e-commerce market. More than 50% of traffic and more than 20% of transactions in e-commerce in the country are already taking place mobile. Despite this the majority of the Romanian customers does not want to pay online. Raluca Radu especially emphasized the differences between the Romanian and the Polish market, where the e-commerce shop “answear” originally comes from.

According to Raluca Radu mobile use is the key tool in Omni-Channel to connect the Online and Offline shopping experience. As future trends in e-commerce the expert identified a further increase on online and mobile sales, as well as the appearance of services such as try-on delivery and same-day delivery.


Kamales Lardi, Digital Strategist, Lardi & Partner Consulting GmbH, Switzerland
“Enabling customer interaction in a digital age”

In her informative presentation Kamales Lardi talked about the digital transformation and its influence on the customer interaction and contact center activities.

True digital transformation is only possible if the entire organization is undertaking this change. Within digital, transform customer experience is the central point. Current digital start-up companies re-define customer experience. They take single items from the value chain and improve them. The customer gets more power and self-determination.Call centers evolve to customer engagement centers. According to Kamales Lardi it is useful to consider the business outcome instead of traditional KPIs.


Bilal Asci, Customer Value Group Manager, n11.com, Turkey
“A true success story”

Bilal Asci presented fascinating insights into the e-commerce market in Turkey.
n11.com is an open market place, where users can visit, compare and buy numerous products in stores from 10 different categories.
In 2013 the platform had more than a million members, two years later, already almost 6 millions.
n11.com offers its customers a variety of contact channels and strives to open new channels continuously. On strategic, operational and infrastructural levels, the company is implementing numerous measures to increase the efficiency of customer contacts and customer satisfaction. For example, the Web chat channel has been particularly developed, its use increased significantly during the past two years (from 18% to 49%). Four web chats can be held simultaneously by an experienced agent.

Currently n11.com is working on chatbots, that will take over 15% of the interactions in the coming year, according to Bilal Asci.


CCC Special Award
Highlight and final point of program of the CCC Convention was again the awarding of the CCC Special Award.

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