The 10th CCC Special Award goes to Maciej Buś, President of the Call Center Forum, Poland

  • 14 October 2015
  • Marianne Rutrecht
The 10th CCC Special Award goes to Maciej Buś, President of the Call Center Forum, Poland

At the 18th CCC Convention October 8th, 2015, at the Humboldt Carré in Berlin, Maciej Buś was admitted to the CCC Hall of Fame as the 10th award winner.

Olav V. Strawe, moderator of this year’s event and first-ever winner of the Special Award in 2006, and Maria Hoffrichter-Zanetti, CCC Communications Managemer, presented the trophy to a visibly touched Maciej Buś.


“Our winner in 2015 is the founder and president of the Call Center Forum in Poland and has been supporting the country’s customer care industry for years. Together with his large network, he supports innovation and dynamic development in the Polish market. We are proud to honor customer care expert Maciej Buś in CCC Special Award’s jubilee year for his commitment and his achievements for the industry“,


said Maria Hoffrichter-Zanetti in her laudation.


Before, Maciej Buś has worked as CEO of Contact Center Management Institute and Holicon Contact Center.

He has qualified as a lead auditor of Austrian Standards Plus GmbH.

Maciej Buś attended the School of Banking in Poznan, with a focus on sales strategies and marketing services.


At the 18th CCC Convention, five former CCC Special Award winners were present and happy to congratulate Maciej Buś.


CCC Special Award

The CCC Special Award has been awarded since 2006 to outstanding personalities who have considerably contributed to making the customer service industry more professional and furthering its image with their commitment.

These experts have already been admitted to the CCC Hall of Fame:

Dieter Fischer, President of the Swiss association

Manfred Stockmann, President of the German Call Center association

Manuel Jacquinet, Co-Präsident of Malpaso and Chefredakteur des Branchenmagazins “En-Contact“, France

Meltem Karateke, Presidentin of IMI Conferences, Turkey

Xi Zhao, founder and President of CCMWorld Group, China

Madalina Vilau, initiator of the first Customer Care Conference & Expo in Bucharest, founder and publisher of the Romanian trade magazine “Call Center Magazine“, Romania

Nicolette Wuring, author and CEO at Customer Management Services, the Netherlands

Simone Fojut, editor in chief of “Call Center Profi”, Germany

Olav V. Strawe, publisher of “TeleTalk“, Germany/USA.