The next dimension of Customer Experience at the 21st CCC Convention in Vienna

  • 22 June 2018
The next dimension of Customer Experience at the 21st CCC Convention in Vienna

On June 13, 2018, more than 150 international guests attended CCC’s invitation to the 21st CCC Convention at Studio 44. Customer care experts from all over Europe shared their thoughts on “How innovation enables excellent customer service”, inspired by outstanding speakers from the UK , Romania, Austria and Switzerland.


Where does the customer experience journey lead?


This question was addressed by the charismatic keynote speaker, professor and moderator Dr. Axel Jockwer. After 20 years of internet and 10 years of smartphones, today’s virtual realities, smart watches, glasses and lenses, voice interactions, gestures and brain connection, combined with data lead to new customer experiences. Axel Jockwer encourages us to break new ground because “experience does not drive innovation. Sometimes, it’s easier to conquer a market without experience“. Companies like Tesla,, and Amazon are living examples of how companies can keep the spirit of start-up, “by constantly testing, not improving technology, but developing own technology,” says Axel Jockwer.


Always online, long-term distraction: people today suffer from “instantness” and “digital laziness”. This also has its good side. “Five days a week, spending more time in the office than at home, doing things that every robot can do better – topics that our children will only shake their heads over.” Axel Jockwer is convinced that there will be new skills required in the working world of the future: “Creativity, combining ideas and cognitive flexibility cannot afford algorithms.”


Best Practices from E-Commerce, Utility and Airline Service


How to drive innovation in practice and empower people, three experts shared their Best Practice lectures with our convention participants:


Testing and adapting for better CX


Shpock, the popular “flea market app for beautiful things”, connects millions of private buyers and sellers, as well as local retailers across Europe. With over 10 million active users and over 2 billion page views, Shpock is one of Europe’s most reachable shopping apps. The rapid growth is also taken into account with a corresponding customer experience: monitoring rules, process automation and a centralized CRM system help to optimize the workflow on an ongoing basis. “Not every user is valuable to the Shpock community,” admits Sandra Weber, CCO at Shpock. These users are systematically identified, taught the community rules of the game and blocked – if there is no learning effect. Ratings and automated information as well as ongoing testing and adaptation helps to constantly improve the customer experience on both sides. A self-service help center for basic requests resulted in shorter response times. The freed-up employee capacities are now used for complex inquiries, special tasks and sales.




If you buy and sell electricity, like the former monopolist Enel from Romania, there are few possibilities to differentiate. One of them is the customer experience, as Simona Trofin, Head of Customer Operations, points out: “CX is broader than quality. It’s a question of strategy, coordination, collaboration and customer lifetime value. “Enel uses the Process Communication Model, PCM in short, to understand one’s own behavior and that of others, and to clear up misunderstandings. “To speak the languages ​​of the different personality types – Harmonizer, Thinker, Persister, Rebel and Imaginer – makes not only our customers, but also ourselves happier – and more successful”, the expert is convinced. At Enel, Marketing addresses several Personas on a PCM basis. The model is also used in sales, complaint management and customer care. “PCM is a way to simplify communication, avoid misunderstandings, and work on the Big Picture, rather than losing time with small issues,” says Simona Trofin.


Fighter for usability


As a final highlight, John Leighton, easyJet’s Head of Customer Service, provided insights into how the successful airline distinguishes itself from the competition through its customer proposition. The easyJet recipe for success includes outstanding digital platforms, the Airport Journey, no-nonsense disruption management, radically customer-oriented actions of all employees and data-driven investments. “Our goal is to democratize the topic of air travel – not only by being cheaper than our peers, but also proactively optimizing all activities from the customer’s point of view,” says John Leighton.


Hall of Fame – CCC Special Award


For the thirteenth time, the CCC Convention honored an exceptional personality for outstanding achievements and commitment to the customer care industry. The Hall of Fame Award went to Raj Whadwani from Canada this year. The president of, the global association for Contact Center & Customer Engagement and Best Practice, has been involved with research, conferences, awards, networking formats and information platforms for the customer care community for 20 years. The Association, which promotes the exchange of information and thus makes a significant contribution to the global development of the contact center industry, counts 195,000 members. Maria Hoffrichter-Zanetti, host of the CCC Convention and Marketing Manager at Competence Call Center, praised not only his valuable commitment to the community, but also his great heart in her laudation: “Raj is passionately supporting charities and our community, he is a model of generosity and helpfulness on all levels. »

CCC sincerely thanks all cooperation partners of the 21st CCC Convention for their support.