• CCC BESTshoring

Service Quality focusing on reduced costs – with CCC BESTshoring, a potential saving of up to 20% can be attained.

CCC BESTshoring – the next dimension of Communication


CCC BESTshoring presents itself as a value orientated positioning of Call Center services. „Customer segmenting can be converted cost-effectively in Call Centers “ states Mr Peter Kloibhofer, Customer Relationship Management, Competence Call Center. Individual client segments can differ in price in relation to the services which are provided. Those customers with the highest value point would be serviced in their homeland (Onshoring) and those customers with a marginal value point could be serviced in a neighboring foreign language speaking country (Nearshoring). Thus for this example to take place in the UK, your customers could have their written inquiries answered by the Slovak CCC Team, while their verbal inquiries can be addressed by the English speaking CCC Istanbul or CCC Bucharest Team. CCC BESTshoring has the advantage that it allows you to address your customers exact needs; contrary to Nearshoring, which is purely based on cost-orientated results.

„CCC BESTshoring is important as it allows you to have the correct mix at all Call Center locations with a single supplier guaranteeing quality“Mr Kloibhofer

„CCC offers the BESTshoring strategy to customers with a Call Volume base of 50 agent positions. Our customers at this level will have a partner working in their native language. As an Internationally Recognized Call Center, specializing in individually tailored customer service, we are well placed to take control of your customer interaction and demonstrate the advantages that our BESTshoring system will provide to you. The BESTshoring solution is underpinned by dedicated project managers providing a single interface between the customer and our company”.